Swedish Gundog League is a club for those who want to develop your gundog and like to compete to evaluate what you and your dog have achieved through the training. By participating in our Field Trials, you also provide valuable information for guidance in the breed.

As paying member and family member, you can sign up for all our activities and have access to special information under the Member Pages at the website. You also receive our newsletter via email.

As supporting member, you will receive all information and access to the Member Pages and may change to full payment at any time if you would like to participate in the activities.


Full payment: 500 kr
Family member: 300 kr
Support member: 300 kr
Youth up to 18 years free of charge

Membership is rolling and renewed no later than the last of the month, one year from the date of entry. 

Sign up as a member today and pay the membership fee on the plus giro 86 79 86-2.

IMPORTANT: Mark the payment with the name of the member to which we can track your payment.

For payment from abroad

IBAN: SE68 9500 0099 6034 0867 9862
Account Holder: Swedish Gundog League

We will then confirm your membership by email, and at the same time you will receive login information for the Member Pages.

If you have questions about membership please contact us at email:  Åsa Davidsson